Frank’s Tours

There are a lot of things to see and do in St. Lucia. Frank will customise your tour based on what you want to see and by your schedule.

The Canopy Tour as a main activity, or simply part of your day, Frank is your guide to the heart of the tropical rainforest near Dennery. There, you can ride along newly-constructed zip-lines riding as high as 15m (50′) above the rainforest floor. No real physical ability is required, but can you handle the extreme adrenaline rush? Gear is provided, but this adventure is not for anyone under 8 years old or over 136kg (300lbs.).

Anyone suffering from heart conditions, or physical handicaps may need to skip this one as well. No need to book this one through your ship or hotel, Frank’s prices are more competitive.

The cost for the zip-line tour is US$ 85 per person (min. 4 people). This includes pick-up at the Cruise Ship Terminal or the hotel with a few sight-seeing stops along the way. Alternatively, the Soufriere Zip Line Package, which includes viewing the Soufriere volcano, and a beach trip is also offered at US$85 per person. Any additional persons please add US$40.

The Rainforest and Beach Tour

Maybe riding zip-lines isn’t quite your thing. Frank can still give you a tour of the lush rainforest and find a gorgeous, uncrowded beach for you to snorkel at or soak up some abundant rays. With Frank, you’re not on anyone’s time but your own.

The price per person for island tour sight-seeing/beaches tour is US$78 per person for groups of 4. This is including all entrance fees, drinks, and lunch. If you prefer to do lunch on your own, the price of the tour, inclusive of all entrance fees and drinks, is US$65 per person. The price for a tour where you pay your entrance fees, buy drinks and lunch  is $45 USD per person. The price for a private 2-person tour is US$225 total (including lunch). Need custom tours/pricing? Contact Frank!

Take note when you book tours…many taxi/tour operators do not include entrance fees in their pricing and at most only give you a drink of their choice (let alone lunch). Frank not only covers your entrance fees, but also provides a selection of beverages including his famous (just ask anyone who has taken his tour, previously) St. Lucia Rum Punch.

The Pitons

Petit Piton (on the left) rises 2438ft. (743m), Gros Piton (on the right) rises 2616ft. (797m) above sea level. The Pitons are among the most recognisable landmarks in all of the Caribbean. No visit to St. Lucia is complete without seeing them.

The first inhabitants of St. Lucia considered the Pitons sacred. In June, 2004, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) named the area a World Heritage Site.

Be sure to partake of the local St. Lucian custom… “see the mountains, drink the beer”

Piton Sunset Diamond Botanical Gardens

The gardens are located on land that was part of a grant from France’s Louis XIV in the 18th century to the Devaux family. Their descendants still own the estate (known as Soufriere Estate).

Sample the lush flora of St. Lucia or take a dip in the sulfur mineral baths.

Don’t worry about admission, Frank’s got you covered!

Soufriere’s “Drive-In” Volcano

St. Lucia is home to the world’s only “drive-in” volcano. You can’t really drive all the way into it, but you can get awfully close. Located in the Sulphur Springs Park, the bubbling & steaming springs offer a reminder of how the lush islands of the Caribbean region were created. Though the volcano is for the most part dormant, the park is constantly active with minor volcanic activity.

A park guide can escort you up a short path to the viewing area pictured to the right. If your schedule allows it, you can take a dip in the sulphur springs which locals believe to be therapeutic.

Soufriere Toraille Waterfall and Gardens

Toraille Waterfall and Gardens located in Soufriere, are part of the St. Lucia Heritage Tourism Association. These sites are dedicated to preserving the heritage of the island, as well as to provide an extraordinary cultural and natural experience to St. Lucia’s residents and visitors.

At Toraille, the 50′ (15m) waterfall is the centrepiece of the gardens. Here, you can take a refreshing swim in the waterfall’s splash pool (don’t worry, changing rooms are provided nearby), have a nice picnic at one of the picnic areas, or take in St. Lucia’s lush flora.





What would a St. Lucian adventure be without authentic St. Lucian cuisine? Frank can take you to any one of his favorite St. Lucia watering holes for lunch, including The Beacon.

St. Lucian cuisine is light on the meat and heavy on the fruits and vegetables. However, there is also plenty of fresh fish available on the island, including: Red Snapper, Kingfish, Flying Fish, Tuna, and Conch (a shellfish).

St. Lucian cuisine is quite different from that of our neighbour islands.

Our Soufriere Packages include:

A trip to the Soufiere Volcano, Toraille Waterfall and Gardens, Pitons, and a beach stop if the client wants to for US $45 pp (this does not include any drinks, lunch or entrance fee)

A trip to the Soufiere Volcano,Toraille Waterfall and Gardens, Pitons, and a beach stop if the client wants to for US $45 pp (this package includes drinks, lunch and all entrance fees)